Valerie Dinglas - Wellness Design Consultant

Val's mission is to create wellness in her life as well as in others.
Since 2006, she has been helping clients with their own dreams whether that be in designing their envisioned spaces for living well, their life events, or their life's work.

Her dream is to open up a wellness space on her family's land in the Philippines that will use the gifts and the talents of her family and all who participate. 
It will be a place for wellness, built by wellness.
Cabay Kubos Wellness 

She believes that we all deserve to live content and happy lives.  
Her passion and abilities have helped clients with redesigning their spaces, organizing their work and finances, as well as wellness through meditation.

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Valerie Dinglas

Her story...

Valerie graduated from Graphic Design at FIT in NYC.  During the course of her studies, she realized her love for spaces and events. Inspired as the Special Events Planner at her University, she began working at a small financial planning partnership doing their events. When the events planning partner left, she continued under the financial company and became a learned bookkeeper and executive office manager.  Eventually after 5 years, she went off on her own to do that for other small business owners while continuing to explore her creative endeavors in design and planning.

As her creative work grew, it has transitioned from bookkeeping to more design consulting and organizing while helping clients add more wellness into their lives.

Val enjoys traveling and creating places that are both beautiful as well as functional. Drawn to designs from Provence, Tuscany, and Asia she immersed herself in those environments, living there for a few months. She took a year off to travel and live in the South of France, The Philippines, and Southern California. Her time there has reaffirmed her affinity for French, Asian, and Mediterranean designs. Her travels around the world continually inspire her work.

Her personal journey has inspired her life's mission towards wellness and healing to continually learn and grow and help others along their paths.

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